Two Communities, One Family!

Hello Everybody!


Well, we’ve done it. We have a new name! We have really put the “TOGETHER” in 'Music Together®' as two well-loved and well-established businesses, "Music Together Beaverton" and "Music Together Salem with Mrs. D" have combined into one business. One family.


We are now "Music Together Resonate"! 



Resonate means “to produce or be filled with a lovely sound that continues for a long time”. It also means “to have an emotional effect on someone”. That is our exact vision here: for families to have a rich, musical and community experience that goes on for a long time. One that ripples into your children's entire childhood and many other areas of your family's life! Yes, we think we've found the perfect name to reflect our vision and values!


Retiring director of Music Together Salem, Johanna Dakopolos (aka “Mrs. D”) sums it up beautifully, “Somehow, the ‘pioneering’ work is done. Music Together is well-established in our communities and there is room for all of our families to continue to sing, move and thrive together...Going forward, you’re going to have the time of your lives!” 


What does this mean? 

  • "Music Together Beaverton" and "Music Together Salem with Mrs. D" are now one family called "Music Together Resonate".
  • Music Together Resonate is under the leadership of Kayla Hughes, former director of "Music Together Beaverton". Mrs. D is retired -- but remains a friend of the family.
  • We will continue to offer high-quality family music and movement classes, all currently online only, HOWEVER, our teachers can’t wait to teach in-person classes in Salem and Beaverton when it is safe to do so! Until then, they are popping in to our online classes and creating wonderful video content for enrolled families! 


We are honored to continue serving the greater Beaverton and Salem areas with music and community. Thank you for investing in our program over the years and for continuing to do so. Don't forget, you are are welcome to try an online class for free at anytime!